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Cindy Tripp,

Certified Professional Pet Groomer

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FULL SERVICE BATH  We use premium shampoos and conditioners that are best suited and guarantee they will be clean and smell good. We blow dry and thoroughly brush out, clean their ears, trim nails and finish with a stylish bandana. 

BATH & TIDY   includes; the Full Service Bath plus trimming of the face, feet and fanny areas and grind nails smooth.

 BATH & GROOM includes; the Full Service Bath plus your choice of cut & design and grind nails smooth. 

All baths come with a complimentary full body massage that your pet will love!

Special accommodations available for elder dogs, health impaired and large breeds

Teeth Brushing $ 8.00           Nail Cut $10.00 

Anal Glands  $10.00               Nails Grind $15.00

Ears Plucked $ 8.00                Nails pad hair trim $20.00

Flea Treatment    $15.00 +     Nail Caps $30.00 

Brush out only $15.00 per 15 minutes 

Shed-Less Treatment 

- shampoo, solution, undercoat removed  (Small $5.00 Medium) ($10.00 Large)


Please take a few minutes to talk with us about the service you'd like for your pet to receive. We need to know the products you prefer and type of hair style you would like. It is also important for us to be aware of any medical or behavior issues, past present or potential.

It is possible for minor medical problems to be present without the owner's knowledge. We take the time to examine the condition of each pet's coat, skin, eyes, ears and mouth. Then, we will share this information with you so that, if needed, you can consult with your veterinarian.

For your pet's safety, as well as our's, all services are performed with the animal's consent. We use no harsh treatment to force any procedure.
Keeping your pet's best interest at heart, we discuss with you the alternatives that are available.

ALL pet's must show proof of current vaccination and be free of any parasites.

DOGS: Bordetella, DHPP, & Rabies

CATS: FVRCP & Rabies