Boarding Services Overview

We provide a very unique environment that is unlike another. Each guest has his / her own spacious areas both inside & outside. They each have their own premium beds, bowls, bones & toys. Anything you want to bring from home to make them more comfortable, they are able to have. They listen to soothing music and have that home like feeling. Each guest is hand walked outside to their own area a minimum of (5) times per day where they can run & play in the large fenced yards. We give them a treat or their meals every time they come in. We continually keep their areas clean, freshen the water, monitor intake, eliminations and behavior to insure their well being. Every pet receives the individual care they need. The price does include our food, but you are welcome to bring theirs from home. This is all included in our daily boarding rate listed below. 


Daily Boarding Rates
Pick up before 12:00 noon and last day is FREE! 

       1 PET    $35.00 per day  

       2 PETS $65.00 per day same area 

       3+PETS please inquire

Puppies under 6 months $45.00 per day

     Includes 7 potty / play sessions & clean up

Special Needs Pets - please inquire

All pets must show proof of current vaccinations and be free of any parasites and have the following vaccinations.
            Dogs: Bordetella, DHPP, Rabies
            Cats: FVRCP, Rabies  

It is our policy NOT TO ALLOW dogs from different families to interact unless ALL pet owners concerned have signed our consent forms.