We want to make visiting our kennel as convenient for you as possible. There are a few agreements that need to be read, filled out, and signed by you before your pet can receive our services. In order to save your time, you can download these forms directly from our website. All you have to do is print them out, fill in all necessary information, and bring them with you (along with your pet's vaccination records) when you bring your pet to Heavenly Care Kennels for the first time. You may also go to the owner Portal & fill out online.

The Boarding Agreement (See below) must be filled out by all pet owners whose pet will be boarding with us. The agreement contains information concerning your pet's activities while boarding at Heavenly Care Kennels.

The Health Agreement (See below) must be filled out by all pet owners whose pet will receive any services at Heavenely Care Kennels. The agreement contains information concerning your pet's health needs, injuries, and illnesses. This form is extremely critical due to changes in Indiana's legislation concerning Veterinary Practices. The Veterinary Practice Act states that your pet may not receive any kind of medical treatment from your veterinarian (or any veterinarian) unless Heavenly Care Kennels has your written authorization and signature on file. Our Health Agreement constitutes this authorization. It would also be highly beneficial if Heavenly Care Kennels was listed with your veterinarian of choice as an authorized agent for you and your pet. Having us on file with your veterinarian would speed up the intake process in unfortunate emergency situations. This Veterinary Practice Act is similar to the HIPAA laws for humans concerning confidentiality and medical records. In the event of unfortunate emergency situations, Heavenly Care Kennels will always seek medical attention, but your pet may be denied treatment without this consent. If you would like more information on this legislation please visit:


Boarding Agreement (pdf)


Health Agreement (pdf)


Grooming Agreement (pdf)