Day Care Services


Includes (4) exercise/potty/play sessions, their own areas both inside & outside, bedding, treats, bowls, toys, bones,  lots of fun & love. Include a supplement for even more fun.

DAY CARE RATES           

Daycare 1  PET   $28.00  per day

Daycare 2 PETS  $51.00  per day


Buy (10) DAYS get (1) DAY FREE     

Daycare 1 PET  $250.00 ($25/day) 

Buy (10) DAYS get (1) DAY FREE for both

Daycare 2 PETS same area  $500.00 ($25.00/each/day)

Buy (20) DAYS get (2) DAYS FREE for both  

Daycare 1 PET   $500.00 ($25/day) 

Daycare 2 PETS  same area  $900.00 ($22.50/each/day)

      Schedule drop off & pick up times
                Monday through Friday
                     7:00am - 7:00pm


Leave your pet(s) for the day and they can enjoy the same Day Care privileges with  a couple hours out to get their groom.

$15.00 for Day Care + their normal groom price.

It is our policy NOT TO ALLOW dogs from different families to interact unless ALL pet owners concerned have signed our consent forms.